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About Us

Our Mission

Arbor was born from a simple insight: everyone pays a utility bill, but most of us are overpaying. We have choices, but we’re on the wrong rates because the big utility companies aren't incentivized to help us. We set out to change that.

Arbor is a technology company with a mission to make it easy for anyone to save money on the most expensive monthly subscriptions — utilities. We're energy and technology nerds who love data, design, and saving real people real money. We are based in Los Angeles and New York. Drop us a line with questions or feedback at

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Our Value

How we help you

Arbor's TrueRate™ Protection is a free service that automates monthly savings on your utility bills by ensuring you are always paying the best rate. Your TrueRate™ reflects the actual, true price of energy in your area, without markups, hidden fees, or surprise rate hikes.

When you activate TrueRate™ Protection, we'll track the TrueRate™ in your area and compare the best available rates to your current price. If the TrueRate™ goes below your current rate, we'll notify you and automatically enroll you in the lower rate. 

Careers at Arbor

Our team is headquartered in New York and Los Angeles. We’re a diverse team but we’re all passionate about making the energy market more transparent, accessible, and affordable for everyone.


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Stop overpaying for utilities. Check now to find your TrueRate™. It's free and takes less than two minutes.

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